Alterra TRV 1000 XT

Alterra TRV 1000 XT

Nos propusimos crear experiencia de conducción de ATV 2 en 1, y creemos, como tu lo harás, que lo hemos conseguido. El TRV® top- of-the- line viene con todas las características. Asiento de pasajero cómoda . Gran capacidad de almacenamiento . Todas las cosas que necesita para un día completo de unión feliz. Aquí está la bonificación . Lo llamamos 3-en -1 versatilidad. El TRV transforma rápidamente en su caballo de batalla leal. El asiento del pasajero puede ser sustituido con la caja de carga opcional o el gran Speedrack trasera. He aquí un gato Ártico que ambos puedan estar de acuerdo.

XT paquete
El XT es un gran paso adelante respecto al modelo estándar. Este paquete se pone de dirección asistida electrónica , llantas de aluminio y pintura de tipo automóvil, dirección asistida electrónica . También tiene 2WD / 4WD con bloqueo de diferencial delantero , transmisión automática y una función de Duramatic 3-en – 1 .



Feature Specifications

Automotive-Style Paint Standard
Bumpers Front
Front Tow Hook Dual Tow Hooks
Gun Scabbard with Mount Accessory
Racks Front and Rear SpeedRack II
Safety Flag Accessory
Seating 2-UP
Tank Storage Standard
Rear Storage Standard
Rear Sway Bar Standard
Winch Accessory
Hand Guards Accessory

Instrumentation Specifications

Instrumentation Digital
Lighting Dual Halogen w/LED Accent Headlights / Dual Rear LED Taillights



Arctic riders prefer to be in control with their on-the-fly 2WD/4WD. In 2WD, steering is light and nimble. Shift on the fly into 4WD and power is delivered to the front wheels. The front wheels spin at different speeds while the steering effort remains minimal. For the ultimate traction, activate the electronic front differential lock and power is sent to all four wheels, enabling you to crawl, climb and continue on with confidence.

Alterra Rear Towing Device

All Alterra Models are equipped with a rugged, automotive-style 50mm ball with trailer connector (7-pin) towing device simplifies towing applications.

ATV Speedrack II System

ATV owners covet our SpeedRack® system for its durability and simplicity. You have a huge choice of accessories. For a complete list, your bible is the 2017 Accessories and Arcticwear catalog.

Electronic power steering / tilt steering

EPS delivers a true variable assist system by measuring not only vehicle speed, but also steering torque at both the handlebars and wheels. The electronic control unit measures steering input forces, resistance and speed, instructing the motor to deliver turning forces at predetermined levels. And let’s not forget tilt steering, allowing you to adjust the steering wheel higher or lower, however you want.


The new Alterra chassis features a more upright sitting position, delivering improved ergonomics and reducing handling effort. These machines are indeed more maneuverable, with an improved turning radius, while requiring a shorter reach from the rider.

LED front lights

State of the Art. It combinates high quality materials with future technology. These LED headlamps light the trail when the sun goes off duty.

Power sport Digital gauge

The new design features an all-new instrument hood housing the Power Sport gauge borrowed from the Wildcat Trail. Functions include: RPMs, mph/kph, trip mileage, gear indicator, digital clock and fuel indicator.



The TPE rubber coating keeps objects from sliding around, so you can trust that your cargo is being hauled safely and securely as you muscle over the terrain.

Rear Storage Compartment

No one ever complained of too much storage. This 5,5 lt. / 1.44 gallon rear storage compartment is a much-appreciated addition. Plus it’s waterproofed. And of course you can open easily also when the licence plate is installed. For easy access the number plate is rotatable.

Ride-In Suspension

Our Ride-In suspension features a lower center of gravity while rivaling the competition for best ground clearance and suspension travel. The double A-arms prevent deflections during cornering, resulting in ultra-responsive steering.


This durable, cast-aluminum drop-in system quickly attaches with easy-to-use SpeedLocks, and unlocks in one click for fast removal. Simply the fastest and strongest ATV accessory system in the industry.

Traction Alterra ATV

When you need to go places, over places and through places – traction is paramount. And Arctic Cat ATVs give you plenty of it. Articulation keeps all four wheels in constant contact with the ground. Even over rocks, logs and other big stuff you may encounter. Four wheels on the ground means better traction and an overall better ride. Hit the on-the-fly 2WD/4WD switch when you need to get out of nasty places. When you’re in even nastier places, push the switch up again and that engages the front differential lock

Transmission Automatic Duramatic

Our Duramatic™ automatic transmission is as bulletproof as they come. It’s made of a centrifugal clutch with primary and driven belt clutches. As RPMs rise, the centrifugal clutch engages, allowing the primary clutch to be engaged with the belt at all times, reducing belt wear and extending belt life.